KidsCab Quadricycle cargo bike with box


The KidsCab Quadricycle represents an innovative solution for companies focused on zero-emission deliveries. Whether it is delivering packages, food or other business shipments, all these tasks can be accomplished effortlessly with this four-wheeled transport cargo bike.

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The Quadricycle Cargo Cargo Bike: Efficient Sustainability for Business Deliveries

In an era where sustainability and environmental friendliness are becoming increasingly important, the Quadricycle Cargo Cargo Bike introduces an innovative solution for companies striving for emission-free deliveries. This cargo bike combines the best of both worlds: the maneuverability and flexibility of a bicycle, and the loading capacity of a compact truck.

With its four wheels, the Quadricycle Cargo Cargo Bike offers excellent stability, even with heavy loads. The specially designed frame ensures safe and efficient transport of goods, while the electric assistance makes pedaling easier, allowing the cyclist to cover great distances effortlessly.

The spacious loading area at the rear of the bicycle is adaptable to different needs. Whether for parcel delivery, food delivery or other business deliveries, the bin can be configured to meet the specific requirements of your business. Smart design allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing efficiency.

The Quadricycle Cargo Cargo Bike is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers practical benefits for city traffic. Avoiding traffic jams, easily finding parking spaces and complying with emission-free zones make this cargo bike an ideal choice for companies operating in urban areas.

In short, the Quadricycle Cargo Cargo Bike is the ideal partner for companies that strive for sustainable delivery solutions. Through the combination of innovative design and environmentally friendly mobility, this cargo bike enables companies to meet the growing demand for delivery services in an efficient and green way.

With the KidsCab Quadricycle it is possible to cycle an average of 60 kilometers electrically assisted (depending on weight and environment). The color display always offers the cyclist the correct information, such as speed, battery data, distances, etc. A dashboard is integrated in front of the steering wheel on which work materials can be placed. Thanks to the low frame (30 cm), it is easy to get on and off, while the saddle and handlebars are height-adjustable. The lighting and indicators are seamlessly integrated and connected to the battery. The four robust tires ensure high driving comfort.

The large windscreen is made of transparent PETEF and offers excellent visibility. In addition, the roof is equipped with extra sun protection.


Frame: aluminum
Sheet metal: aluminum with pattern 1.5 mm
Box: durable carbon steel 1.0 mm
Dimensions: 2730 x 1000 x 1800 mm
Box dimensions: 1300 x 1000 x 1500 mm
Height from ground: 30 cm
Compartment layout: freely selectable (standard with 3 shelves)
Loading weight: 250 kg
Windshield + roof: PETEF transparent / roof with sun protection
Motor: 36V - 350W (expansion needed)
Battery: 32 AH
Tires: 20 inches x 3.0
Brakes: hydraulic disc brakes with parking function
Slope: up to 11 degrees
Range: +- 60 km
Speed: 25 km
Charger: 2A
Display: LCD color display
Options: cool box
Honk: yes
Handlebar height adjustable: yes
Saddle height adjustable: yes
Lighting: integrated on battery
Turn signals: front and rear
Gears: 7 speed


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