Doggyride accessories

Doggyride accessories
Need DoggyRide accessories? With matching Doggyride accessories equip your dog bicycle trailer  comfortably. A DoggyRide mat for lying softly. Or DoggyRide rain cover to protect your dog cart in rainfall. The leash for dog bike trailer to secure your dog. Or a second bike hitch to switch quickly between two bikes.
You need parts to repair your DoggyRide dog trailer? Let us know.

Doggyride accessories

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Doggyride Britch adapter...

The new connection for your Doggyride trailer:
If you have a Doggyride Original or Novel from 2009 or later and would prefer to use this upgrade instead of the standard axle coupling, then this product (tie rod + Britch Lite) is exactly what you need. For this Britch Lite you need a bicycle with a luggage rack to attach it.

Price €33.05