Special needs bicycle trailer

Are you looking for a bike trailer for a disabled child or adult? We offer several models of bicycle trailers for disabled babies, child bike trailers for disabled teenagers and bike trailers for disabled adults.
Our bike trailers for disabled persons are fully equipped and includes a buggy wheel, a jogger wheel and bicycle trailer kit.
It is now possible to take your disabled loved ones with our special needs bike trailer!

Special needs bicycle trailer

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KidsCab Junior Special...

The KidsCab Junior Special Needs Bicycle trailer is the perfect solution for larger children or individuals with special needs who want to join in on the family cycling, jogging or strolling fun.

Price €2,066.11

Wike Extra Large Reha...

Wike Extra Large bicycle trailer for the disabled adults is 13 cm longer, 16 cm higher and 5 cm wider than the regular Wike special needs bicycle trailer. It cannot be converted to a jogger or stroller.

Price €1,487.60

KidsCab Junior Basic Jogger...

The KidsCab Junior Basic Jogger for people with disabilities is the ideal solution for older children or individuals with special needs who like to jog or walk with the family.

Price €1,611.56