These are general shop conditions kidscab situated in Hasselt, Rainbow Boulevard 21 with VAT BE 0502,796,134.
If you place an order with Bicycle trailers-tricycles, either, by phone or by email, go as a customer automatically agree to the shop conditions. With client we mean the customer / buyer, the person who gives the order.

The articles are clearly and truthfully through digital pictures and clear product descriptions. The products offered by kidscab intended for private and business customers.

All prices listed are in euros, including VAT and excluding packaging and shipping. Kidscab trying to make the most current immediately on site at all times. Prices listed on the site are reserved. (This may be due to updates, maintenance, ... on the site) Any errors You will always be informed of this and you can still confirm or cancel your order.
Payment must be made within 7 days of order, and if you have chosen the option shipment. By withdrawals should be paid in cash and shall so.The said period, unless otherwise agreed. If payment is not received within the period specified above, the articles in the shop are offered for sale.
Payments must be paid in advance, by bank transfer or credit payment in advance on bank account IBAN BE91 9730 8226 9976 t.n.v. Kidscab.
Only by picking up an order, you can pay cash without shipping and packing costs appointment.

What we have on the site is in stock, but the stock may be limited, therefore, the orders will be handled in order of receipt. If not the item is not in stock it can be ordered. The customer then has the right to cancel the order.
If one or more of your ordered products are no longer available at the time of your order, then we are unable to complete your order completely. We reserve the right to choose to partially or completely reject the order in such a case.
Delivery times may depend on different factors. Therefore, these deliverytimes are indicative and not definitive. If the goods are no longer can be delivered, partly delivered or can not be delivered at all, then the customer and KidsCab have the right to cancel the order. In that case, the goods will be retrieved and the customer will be refunded.

All items can be returned within 15 days of receipt without giving reasons. Please e-mail us on to report the return. The full cost for a return shipment are borne by the customer. It already will be refunded within 14 days after receipt of the return minus shipping amount you paid, provided that the products and packaging in unopened and undamaged be delivered to Kidscab. The package should be sufficient gefrankeerdte ship to. kidscab, Rainbow Boulevard 21, 3510 Kermt.
If this is not the case, we can not take back the items and does not undo the payment.

If the customer has received a wrong order, this must be reported immediately upon receipt. The wrong packages are retrieved and replaced by the correct order.
Given the size and special transport, different rules apply to cargo bikes. Please check everything carefully upon receipt and before signing. If it is a wrong cargo bike, you must refuse it at the driver / transport company. If this is not done before signing, the customer must be responsible for the return. The costs of this will then be borne by the customer. The cargo bike must therefore reach us in unused and undamaged condition. If this is not the case, the return will be refused by KidsCab. The cargo bike must be returned within 14 days of receipt.
If damage is determined upon delivery of the cargo bike, you must immediately report this to the driver. The damage is recorded on the delivery note. In this case you can keep or refuse the cargo bike. When received in a damaged state, the responsibility is no longer accepted by the transport company. In this case you cannot claim the warranty either.

The same rules apply to international shipments. If no one has made a report of damage on the transport sheet, then no claim can be made under warranty or claim. International returns are the responsibility of the customer. The customer must take care of the transport and payment in case of return for whatever reason. For shipments that are lost or are on the road longer than normal, KidsCab will first report it to the transport company. They in turn will start an investigation, which will take about 7-10 days. If the package is offered in the meantime, the customer must report this to KidsCab. If the shipment is not found after the investigation period, the customer will be consulted to cancel the order or to resend it. In case of cancellation, only the amount paid, will be refunded and no other compensation, compensation or damages can be claimed by the customer from this.

If desired, certain products or parts can be ordered specially. These orders can be ordered by order through the website or by mail. Special orders can not be canceled, because these parts are ordered by our special and can not be returned. By attaching a special order, you agree to pay the full invoice amount. Failure to pay will be sent a reminder after 7 days. After 1 is charged per reminder 5% fee. If the invoice amount exceeds more than 500 euros, it will be forwarded to our legal department. All associated costs are also charged to the customer. KidsCab reserves the right to cancel orders unilaterally and the customer fully reimburse.

Kidscab can not accept responsibility for the consequences of sets, type, programming or program errors in mailings by post, email or through our Internet site. By placing an order the customer unreservedly agree to the above terms of sale. This sale values ​​Only Belgian law.
All images, drawings, information on weights, dimensions, colors, etc. included in online viewing, are approximate only and may not lead to compensation and / or dissolution.

You have a 2 year warranty on the battery pack / battery if there is any material or workmanship, subject to the following conditions:

You are in possession of a guarantee or proof of purchase. The warranty period begins on the day of purchase
There is no irreparable deep discharge

This also applies to all cargo bikes.
Excluded are:

Damaged and punctures, stretching brake and gear cables through normal use (adjustment and readjustment of brake and gear) and the readjustment of wheels and spokes for use, and spoke broken;
For loose nuts and bolts;
Pedals that are mounted wrongly
Cargo bikes that are used for hire
The guarantee expires when the cycle is modified or converted for other purposes.
To maintain the guarantee must remain the tricycle in original condition.

Wider (guarantee) claims are excluded.

WARRANTY expires

faults caused by improper use or inadequate maintenance;
faults caused by improper assembly, which thus differs from the enclosed assembly instruction
careless, improper, incorrect or abnormal use of the product
Damage resulting from the use during games or use for other sporting purposes
when riding on and off curbs
when riding against curbs
when driving on two wheels
when loading the cargo bike above the maximum load of 100 kg
with reverse cycle
improper repairs and incorrect parts replacement of the product or modifications to the product;
if used used parts unless authorized by us
for damage arising from an accident or another external calamity
with resale. The guarantee is not transferable!

All items are very well controlled. Do you about our services and / or products nevertheless a complaint, please contact us via